Make your bridesmaids feel special on your wedding day

Lela RoseAs a bride your wedding day is your very special day, to join the man of your dreams in a special bond that you promise will last forever. You invite family and friends to join you in your celebrations and naturally you want your closet friends to serve as your happy bridesmaids and share these special moments with you.

Your bridesmaids will no doubt appreciate the honor of being asked. However unless you are paying for everything that goes with the whole shebang then you should be aware that your bridesmaids will incur costs too. As they prepare to spend on a dress and shoes that suits your wedding theme and spend a possible fortune on travel costs, remember not to place an unrealistic financial burden on them and go out of your way to show your appreciation to them.

One way you can help to allay their costs is by sitting down with them to choose bridesmaids dresses that fit their individual budget, without causing them to max out their credit cards. When you select one dress for all it may not suit their individual taste and style and will forever languish in the back of the wardrobe. (more…)